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At the moment there is no dictated cli tool available to reset a users password.

How ever you can use a SQL query to reset a users password.

To reset the password of an LDAP user (or other Single sign-on services) please contact your Single sign-on administrator.

To reset the password, you need the users E-Mail adress. If you don't know the adress, run the folowing command to get a list of all users

sudo mysql --defaults-file=/etc/openitcockpit/mysql.cnf -e "SELECT firstname, lastname, email FROM users ORDER BY email asc"

Replace with the email adress of the user, you want to reset the password.

sudo mysql --defaults-file=/etc/openitcockpit/mysql.cnf -e "UPDATE users SET password='3de95ff770b08a8e86a21f79188238c056209962' WHERE email=''"

The new password of the user is abc123.

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