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1. Procedure

As soon as a newer version of openITCOCKPIT is released, a blue flame will appear in the front end in the header of all pages to signal the new update is available.

In the package manager area there will also be a clear banner to alert you that a new version is available.

The actual update, however, is executed in the back end. This is done by establishing an SSH connection to the server.

SSH connection

The following commands must then be executed on the console.

Update of the sources
apt-get update
Executing the update inlcuding dependent packages
apt-get dist-upgrade
Execute openITCOCKPIT specific updates


You should now check that everything is working smoothly and, in particular, that all necessary services are up and running. The debugging page comes in very handy here.

2. Pitfalls

As with all updates, problems can arise. For this reason, we recommend that you back up the database first (excluding the Nagios tables).

In the best-case scenario, you can take a snapshot before the update, so that you can easily restore things to their original state should you need to.

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