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Under "Basic Monitoring / Commands" you can see an overview of all commands. In the header there are four tabs (Commands, Host checks,

Notifications and Event handler) and two buttons.

Link to the input form for creating a new command.

Offers the ability to filter the command list by name.

New command:

There are two buttons in the header of the input form used for creating a new time period.

Displays an overview of all user-defined macros. These can be created and edited under "Expert Monitoring / User-defined Macros".

Returns to the command overview (without saving).

Field nameRequired FieldDescription
Command type(warning)Type of command (service check, host check, notification or event handler)

The name of the command

Command line
The actual command to be executed
The description of the command

This button can be used to create arguments for the command.

This screen contains an integrated terminal for testing purposes.

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