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Under "Expert Monitoring / Host Escalations" you can access an overview of all host escalations. In the header there are two buttons.

Provides the option to hide individual table columns.

Link to the input form for creating a new host escalation.

New host escalation:

There is a button in the header of the input form used for creating a new host escalation.

Returns to the host escalation overview (without saving).

Field nameRequired FieldDescription

The container in which the host escalation is to be created

Hosts(warning)The hosts to be affected
Hosts excluded
The hosts not to be affected
The host groups to be affected
Hostgroups excluded
The host groups not to be affected
First escalation notice(warning)Point from when the escalation takes effect (number of notifications)
Last escalation notice(warning)Period when the escalation ends (number of notifications)
Notification interval(warning)How often notifications are issued (in minutes)
Timeperiod(warning)The period during which notifications should be sent
Contacts(warning)The contacts that should be notified
Contactgroups(warning)The contact groups to be notified / that should be notified
Hostescalation options
The statuses that trigger a notification
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