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Under "Expert Monitoring / Host Dependencies" you can access an overview of all host dependencies. In the header there are two buttons.

Provides the option to hide individual table columns.

Link to the input form for creating a new host dependency.

New host dependency:

There is a button in the header of the input form used for creating a new host dependency.

Returns to the host dependency overview (without saving).

Field nameRequired FieldDescription

The container in which the host dependency is to be created

Hosts(warning)The hosts to be affected
Dependent hosts(warning)The hosts that are to be dependent
The host groups to be affected
Dependent Hostgroups
The host groups that are to be dependent
The period in which the dependency should apply
Inherit parents
Parent objects to be affected as well
Execution failure criteria
The status for which the dependency takes effect
Notification failure criteria
Which statuses should trigger a notification
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