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Under "Administration / Manage Users" you will find a table of all users created in openITCOCKPIT.

The overview list in the header contains two or three buttons.

Link to input form for creating a new user.

Allows you to import a user from the configured LDAP server. Only displayed if LDAP authentication is enabled in the system settings.

Offers the ability to filter the user list by name, email or company.

New user:

There is a button in the header of the input form used for creating a new user.

Returns to the user overview (without saving).

Field nameRequired FieldDescription
Container(warning)The containers that the user should be granted rights to (read, read and write)
User role(warning)The role assigned to the user
Status(warning)The user status (active, suspended, deleted)
Email Address(warning)The email address of the user. Used for local login
First Name(warning)The first name of the user
Last name(warning)The last name of the user

The user's company

Company Position
The user's job role / position
Phone Number
The user's telephone number
LinkedIn ID
The user's LinkedIn ID
New Password(warning)The user's password
Confirm new Password(warning)The user's password for verification
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