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Under "Administration / System Settings" you will find a table of all system settings.

Field nameDescription
SOCKETPath in which the SudoServer tries to create the socket file
SOCKET_NAMEName of the SudoServer socket
SOCKETPERMISSIONSPermissions for the SudoServer socket
FOLDERPERMISSIONSSocket folder permissions
API_KEYAPI key for the SudoServer
WORKERSOCKET_NAMEWorker socket name
WORKERSOCKETPERMISSIONSWorker socket permissions
RESPONSESOCKET_NAMEResponse socket name
RESPONSESOCKETPERMISSIONSResponse socket permissions
USERUsername for the web server
GROUPWeb server user group
USERMonitoring system username
GROUPMonitoring system user group
FROM_ADDRESSAddress of the notifications sender
FROM_NAMEName of the notifications sender
MESSAGE_HEADERHeader of the notification in plain text email
ACK_RECEIVER_SERVERReceiving server of the acknowledge emails
ACK_RECEIVER_ADDRESSEmail address for acknowledge emails
ACK_RECEIVER_PASSWORDPassword for the acknowledge email account
CMDThe pipe for monitoring system commands
HOST.INITSTATEThe initial host status
SERVICE.INITSTATEThe initial server status
RESTARTCommand for restarting the monitoring system
RELOADCommand for reloading the monitoring system configuration
STOPCommand for stopping the monitoring system
STARTCommand for starting the monitoring system
STATUSCommand for querying the monitoring system status
CORECONFIGPath to the monitoring system configuration
STATUS_DATPath to the monitoring system status.dat file

Value (in seconds) added to the service check interval for passive
services before the monitoring system executes a freshness_check

AFTER_EXPORTA command that is executed after an export as root user has been performed

When using satellites, allows individual satellites to be selected to avoid the configuration being rolled out to all satellites.

QUERY_HANDLERPath to the monitoring system query handler

If you want the value "active_checks_enabled" to be set for new host templates by default


If you want the value "active_checks_enabled" to be set for new service templates by default

ADDRESSThe IP address of the openITCOCKPIT server
SYSTEMNAMEThe system name
SHOW_EXPORT_RUNNINGIf you want to display whether an export is currently running or not in the system header
MASTER_INSTANCEThe name of the openITCOCKPIT main system
AUTH_METHODThe login method the front end should use
LDAP.TYPEType of connected LDAP
LDAP.ADDRESSIP address of the LDAP server
LDAP.PORTThe LDAP server port
LDAP.QUERYThe query to the LDAP server
LDAP.BASEDNStarting point for searches in the LDAP directory tree
LDAP.USERNAMEUser for starting LDAP searches
LDAP.PASSWORDThe LDAP user password
LDAP.SUFFIXThe LDAP server suffix
LDAP.USE_TLSIf TLS encryption is to be activated
SSO.CLIENT_IDThe single sign-on ID generated by the SSO Server
SSO.CLIENT_SECRETThe password for the client ID
SSO.AUTH_ENDPOINTThe authentication endpoint
SSO.TOKEN_ENDPOINTThe token endpoint
SSO.USER_ENDPOINTThe endpoint of the SSO server for users
SSO.NO_EMAIL_MESSAGEContents of the error message if an incorrect email address has been specified
SSO.LOG_OFF_LINKLink to the SSO server logout

Default email address if no address is stored in the login certificate

HIDDEN_USER_IN_CHANGELOGIf user names are to be hidden in the change log
BINPath to the Check MK binary
MATCHRegex for which services are not be compressed by Check MK
ETCPath to the Check MK configuration files
VARPath to the Check MK var files
ACTIVE_CHECKName of the service template for the active Check MK service
AGE.SERVICECHECKSNumber of weeks the results of service checks should be stored
AGE.HOSTCHECKSNumber of weeks the results of host checks should be stored
AGE.STATEHISTORIESNumber of weeks status changes should be stored
AGE.LOGENTRIESNumber of weeks log entries should be saved
AGE.NOTIFICATiONSNumber of weeks notifications should be stored
AGE.CONTACTNOTIFICATIONSNumber of weeks contact notifications should be stored
AGE.CONTACTNOTIFICATIONSMETHODSNumber of weeks contact notification methods should be stored
SUDO_SERVER_STATUSCommand for querying the SudoServer's status
GEARMAN_WORKER_STATUSCommand for querying the Gearman worker status
OITC_CMD_STATUSCommand for querying the oitc cmd status
NPCD_STATUSCommand for querying the NPCD status
NDO_STATUSCommand for querying NDO status
STATUSENGINE_STATUSCommand for querying the status engine status
GEARMAN_JOB_SERVER_STATUSCommand for querying the status of the Gearman job server
PHPNSTA_STATUSCommand for querying the phpNSTA status
URLLink to the ticketing system
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