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1. Changing profiles

User profiles can be accessed by clicking on the user name displayed above the main navigation pane.

Logged in users can adjust their personal data and settings from within their individual profiles.

Field nameRequired FieldDescription
First name(warning)The first name of the user
Last name(warning)The last name of the user
Email(warning)The user's email address
The user's telephone number
Show status stats in menu

Displays a quick view of the current status of all hosts and services in the header on all pages

Recursive Browser

The browser will recursively evaluate the containers under "Basic Monitoring / Browser"

(may cause performance problems in large environments)

Listelement Length
The number of results to be displayed per page in all lists
Date format
The format in which the date and time should be displayed
The time zone to be used

2. Your picture

Here the user can upload a profile picture.

3. Changing passwords

Here the user can change his password.

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