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Under "Event Correlations / Event Correlations" you can access an overview of all event correlations. In the header there are two buttons.

Link to the input form for creating a new event correlation.

Offers the ability to filter the event correlations list by name and/or description.

New event correlation:

There is a button in the header of the input form used for creating a new event correlation.

Returns to the event correlation overview (without saving).

Field nameRequired FieldDescription
Container(warning)The container in which the EVC is to be created
Hosttemplate(warning)The host templates to be use for the EVC
EVK Name(warning)The EVC name
EVK Description
Description of the EVC

Create / modify the event correlation:

Opens the form for creating a new virtual service

Field nameRequired FieldDescription
vService Name(warning)The virtual service name
Servicetemplate(warning)The service template to be used

The services to be correlated (The first level allows you to choose physical services.

From the second level only virtual services are available)


The operator to be used for correlating the services.

    • AND
    • OR
    • EQUAL
    • MIN
Operator Modifier

If the MIN operator has been selected, this defines how many services must

have the status "OK"

Saves the entire event correlation

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