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Under "Reporting / Auto report" you will find an overview of all auto reports. In the header there are two buttons.

Link to input form for creating a new auto report.

Offers the ability to filter the auto report list by name, description, report interval, report send interval, minimum availability

and maximum number of outages.

New auto report:

The input form for creating a new auto report is divided into three steps.

Switches to the next step

Field nameRequired FieldDescription

Which client should be assigned to the report

Report name(warning)

The name of the report

Report description
The description of the report
Set start
If a start date is to be set
Start date
The start date when the option "Set start" has been activated
Time period(warning)The period of the report
Evaluation period(warning)The evaluation period (year, quarter, month, week, day)
Send interval(warning)Send interval (never, year, quarter, month, week, day)
Min allowed availability(warning)Minimum availability. Can be entered in percent or minutes
Max. number of outages(warning)Maximum number of outages
Graph in percent or hours
Reflection state
Whether both the soft and hard states should be taken into account or only the hard state
Consider downtimes
Downtimes should be taken into account
Consider holidays
Holidays should be taken into account
The calendar to use for holidays
Users(warning)The users to which the report should be sent

In this step, the hosts and services are now selected for evaluation.

Field nameRequired FieldDescription
in %

If the host/service is to be evaluated as a percentage

in h

If the host/service is to be evaluated in terms of time

Hosts only: If the host alias is to be displayed
Service only: If the graph of the service is to be displayed
Max. outage duration
Maximum duration of outage in minutes
All failures
If all failures are to be displayed

On the last page all settings are summarised again for review.

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