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Under "Reporting / Settings" you can access the configuration for all auto reports.

Field nameDescription

If you want to use the client name as the title instead of the

report name for automatically generated email reports


If you only want to create reports for hosts and services that

already existed before the start date.

AUTOREPORTS_SEND_REPORT_AS_PDFIf the report is to be sent as a PDF
AUTOREPORTS_SEND_REPORT_AS_CSVIf the report is to be sent as a CSV file
AUTOREPORTS_GENERATE_QUARTERLY_REPORTSIf you want to issue quarterly reports
AUTOREPORTS_SHOW_OUTAGES_IN_DOWNTIMEIf outages are to be displayed in downtimes
AUTOREPORTS_SHOW_DOWNTIMESIf all downtimes are to be displayed
AUTOREPORTS_USE_YEAR_IN_FILENAMEIf you want to append the year to the file name
AUTOREPORTS_SHOW_SLA_GRAPHIf you want to display the SLA graph in the report
AUTOREPORTS_SHOW_SUMMARY_STATISTICSIf you want to display a summary on the first page of the report
AUTOREPORTS_EXTENDED_HOST_DESCIf you want to display the host name with the current availability
AUTOREPORTS_EXTENDED_SERV_DESCIf you want to display the service description with the current availability
AUTOREPORTS_ERROR_NOTIFICATIONEmail addresses to be notified if errors occur during the quarterly report generation. Multiple email addresses can be specified separately with a semicolon
AUTOREPORTS_STORE_PATHPath to the report files
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