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$MAP_IDID of the mapinteger123


IDs of the containers in which the map is to be createdarray


Name of the icon set to be usedstringarrows_128px | globe_64px | ...

$TYPEThe type of the included objectstringhost | hostgroup | service | servicegroup | map

$OBJECT_IDID of the included objectinteger$HOST_ID | $HOSTGROUP_ID | etc

xCoordinate on the x-axisinteger123

yCoordinate on the y-axisinteger123

Gadget specific

gadgetName of the gadgetstringTacho | TrafficLight | Cylinder | Text | RRDGraph

transparent_backgroundIf you want the gadget background to be transparentinteger0 | 1 (default 0)

Mapline specific

startXStarting point on the X-axisinteger123

endXEnd point on the X axisinteger123

startYStarting point on the Y axisinteger123

endYEnd point on the Y axisinteger123

Maptext specific

textFree textstringLorem ipsum dolor

The following BB code can be used within the text field

[color='#356E35'][/color] (Hexadecimal colour value)
[text='small'][/text] (Options: xx-small | x-small | small | large | x-large | xx-large)
[url='2' tab]Map link[/url] (url= Mapid, tab = open link in new tab)
[url='' tab]link descriptition[/url] (url = url, tab = open link in new tab)

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