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1. Nagios / Naemon

Monitoring engine. The binary is located under: /opt/openitc/nagios/bin.

Config file: /etc/openitcockpit/nagios.cfg

2. Statusengine

Broker module for Nagios/Naemon: /opt/statusengine/statusengine.o

Process all statusngin_* queues from Gearman-Job-Server.

Save monitoring events to the MySQL database

Process performance data and create Whisper (Graphite) or .rrd (RRDTool) files.

Config: /opt/statusengine/cakephp/app/Config/Statusengine.php

3. OITC Cmd

Alias for the naemon.cmd, which can, for example, translate UUIDs into real hostnames etc.

Convert non UTF-8 data to UTF-8.

4. phpNSTA

Transfers data from the master to the satellite and vice versa and, if naemon is the monitoring engine, passes this to the Naemon query handler.

5. Gearman-Job-Server

Provides and manages queues for various tasks.

6. gearman_worker

openITCOCKPIT background process which process the Gearman-Job-Server queue oitc_gearman

7. Nginx / PHP_FPM


PHP server

8. sudo_server

Executes commands with root privileges


Processes performance data in /opt/openitc/nagios/var/spool/perfdata and converts this into *.rrd and *.xml files and puts these into /opt/openitc/nagios/share/perfdata

Deprecated (replaced by Statusengine)

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