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Methode: POST

Response: JSON

VALUERequired for editingDescriptionTypeExample

(warning)ID for the time periodinteger1

(warning)ID for the time rangeinteger1

(warning)The container ID, 1 for default root containerinteger1

$NAME(warning)The name of the time periodstring"my period 1"


The description of the time periodstring"my description"


Day of the time range:

Monday => 1,

Tuesday => 2,

Wednesday => 3,

Thursday => 4,

Friday => 5,

Saturday => 6,

Sunday => 7


$START_TIME(warning)Start time of the time rangestring08:45

$END_TIME(warning)End time of the time rangestring10:50

JSON to edit a time period via REST API
"data": {
	"Timeperiod": {
   		"container_id": $CONTAINER_ID,
		"id": $ID,
		"name": "$NAME",
    	"description": "$DESCRIPTION",
	"Timerange": {
    	0: {
			"id": $TIMERANGE_ID,
			"day": $DAY,
        	"start": $START_TIME,
        	"end": $END_TIME
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