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What can I do with the OpenStreetMap module?

The openStreetMap module is capable of displaying locations on a "real world" map by aggregating the status of all contained hosts.

What can I configure?

Under "Configuration / OpenStreetMap" you can find the settings for the OpenStreetMap module.

The "Location status" and "Empty Locations" filter are default settings and can be changed in the view using the filter option.

Field nameRequired FieldDescription
Server address(warning)

Defines the full address to the openStreetMap Tile server where the Module is searching for the map data


Map update interval(warning)Interval in seconds, with which the map in the view is updated (default: 30)
Location status
Define the default location states that will be displayed in the view
Empty locations

The option "Hide empty locations" prevents empty location from being

displayed in the OpenStreetMap view

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